Application Development with ASP.NET Using C# and SQL


The program has been designed to prepare the readiness of participants to work with this new platform. Focuses on the MVC framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications using well established design patterns.
Covers the initial creation and setup of an MVC application highlighting what beginning MVC developers need to know to get up and running. This class also is appropriate for ASP.NET Web Forms developers who need to learn how to migrate to ASP.NET MVC.

Who should attend:-

Previous programming background is recommended.Must have basic concept on C#Must have knowledge on Object Oriented Programming.


Taka 15,000BDT


72 Hours

Course Outline:-

C# language basics, User defined type, How to think in OO way, encapsulation, association and inheritance relationship, exception handling, interface, applied UML, delegates & events, Design principle, SOLID design principle.

Database design fundamental, SQL basics, Layer architecture, ADO.Net, Entity Framework, SQL, Crystal Report, What and why Testing code? What and how: Test Driven Development (TDD). Web Programming basics, HTML, CSS, JavaScript &jQuerybasics. Implicitly Typed Local Variables, Extensions Methods, Lamda Expression, Anonymous type, Named & Optional parameters, Dynamic support, Variance.

Creating View, Controllers & Model, Understanding Routing, Managing application state, Razor syntax, JavaScript &jQuery Ajax. Model Validation, Annotation. ASP.Net Web API, AngularJS, SignalR

Project will require more time than 15 hour. Only 15 hour from the course duration is allocated for it. Remaining time will be given by trainees in their house or in lab.