Web Development


The program has been designed to prepare the readiness of participants to work with this new platform. One will practically learn all mentioned tools and techniques by completing a project through this practical training course

Who should attend:-

Software Developers (Beginners) interested in Designing, Creating & Deploying HTML5, CSS3, Joomla 2.5 &Wordpress Web Applications.


Taka 8,000BDT


Hours 28

Course Outline:-

HTML5 and CSS3 features,  New HTML5 elements, HTML5 Geolocation APIs, HTML5 Drag-and-drop APIs, HTML5 Local data APIs, HTML5 Forms 2.0, HTML5 Video and audio support, HTML5 SVG and CANVAS graphics.

CSS3, Two- and three-dimensional animation Know how to use HTML5, Understand current browser support for the various HTML5 features, Understand how to emulate certain HTML5 features on older browsers, You will learn how to implement the newest CSS3 techniques in your web applications, and gain an understanding of the browser support in different modules. Complete package on web development using Joomla, Joomla Administration &Joomla  Database, Performing Automatic Upgrades.